With a deep love of rock ‘n’ roll and inspiration from the soundscape of the 60s and 70s Octopus Oddity writes and plays music he himself describes as lo-fi 70s inspired pop meets baroque pop and glittery funk – or to put it in a simpler way – Progressive POP.

“I am not trying to make music for the musicians or music for certain people to brag about listening to. It’s not necessarily intellectual or artsy. I’m just making really good and genuinely well written pop tunes for people to enjoy. Music that dares to cross genres and defy the stereotypes”

– Octopus Oddity

His debut album glittery tunes and squeaky leather will be released february 2021, with singles coming out in November, and January. It is the sounds of glittery plateau boots, blazers, and bleached mulles and it endeavours to defy expectations and twist genres.

The ambition is that glittery tunes and squeaky leather will be the album that will be played in teenage rooms in 2054 when they’re listening to the retro music of their generation.